Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A full life...

"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up." 
 ~Mark Twain

I love that quote. I'm reminded just about every day the frailty of life. It's the laughter of a child that got me thinking I bid you these thoughts that I came across from

Americans are in love with having a modern home, late model cars, lots of clothes, a wide variety of food and as many new electronic gadgets as possible. The desire for more and better things has resulted in a throwaway society where new is better, savings are low and debt is high. There are two problems with the pursuit of things. First, possessions tend to possess the possessor. The more you have the more there is to take care of and worry about. Secondly, things and wealth that are accumulated are left behind when death occurs. Therefore, others benefit from the hard work to accumulate things. 

All that to say...I'm looking forward to building a life that leaves a legacy of love, adventure and kindness. Oh how we hit bumps in the road and people that make that difficult...but, it's a life challenge worth taking. One of the reasons I love photography; capturing a moment and a feeling, and it lasting a life time as a remembrance of what matters most. 

Be good to yourself, and be good to those that you love. Good night.

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MacKinzie said...

Precious....very well said!!!!