Monday, March 29, 2010

Becka and Jerry

Holy sore back and legs! I've obviously not shot a wedding in a while. Whew. I got out of bed and almost hit the floor.

This was a fun wedding. The wedding party was incredibly fun and are a great group of friends. Neat to see everyone come together and be there for each other.

I met a couple at the wedding that has been married for 60 years. "Wow, that's incredible; you must know each other really well then, huh," I said. The wife's response was, "yes we do, and it gets better everyday." Their secret, they said, is humor and chemistry.

Friendly game of beer pong.

Such a beautiful bride.

Love her hair!

A daddy dancing with his daughter at the reception. Heart melt.

The sun was shining through the window and everything felt very storybook.

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Stacey H said...

I LOVE this pics- I wish I would have known you were going to start shooting weddings again!!! I love the angles, the lighting, and this wedding was obviously LOTS of fun too! Hope you are enjoying getting back into it- your talent only seems to get better!

Anonymous said...

Cool you can see the ping pong ball! I like your style.